Bank 4.0 with R.P.A. technology

We often hear about robots that replace humans or human activities that are totally supplanted by machines that are eliminating people from the production processes of companies. This is a very small vision of this huge evolution.

But what is Process Robotization (also called R.P.A.)?

R.P.A. it is a new type of technology that automates back-office processes. It is able to reduce the margin of error and increase the accuracy of data, by emulating the activities of a human resource. However, the idea behind this evolved technology is not to eliminate the human component, but to support it. People won’t stop working, but will be dedicated to greater tasks.


 R.P.A. in BPER Banca


  1. Increasing overall business efficiency
  2. Increasing the speed of execution
  3. Maximizing quality
  4. Increasing productivity
  5. Reducing costs consistently



Through the analysis of the existing processes, we effect a diagnosis of the procedures that generate major slowdowns and we formulate a “to be” model which is determined by automation. Following tests and production, is then possible to evaluate the saving results obtained by the RPA and to effect further implementation analyzes.

The robotizable processes guarantee benefits related to:

  • data entry, collection and analysis
  • adaptability of RPA solution
  • benefits of Savings
  • low RPA implementation costs



The performance of the RPA algorithms is quantified in terms of f.t.e. (full time equivalent) or equivalent working time saved thanks to automation. The greater the potential value of the automated process, the greater the number of f.t.e. spared.