Data management for the energy sector

Through the aid of mathematical algorithms we regulate the existing energy flows, minimizing the energy consumptions and increasing the process efficiency

Control systems for WTE (waste-to-energy) plants

Forecast critical issues in order to increase efficiency

Many Utility Companies face problems related to process control. Supervisory systems, often obsolete, regulate plants according to simplified...

Cogeneration and photovoltaic system optimization

Florim Spa monitors wear and reprograms the manteinance sequences

Monitor wear and increase savings Wear and deterioration are some of the main problems that companies in the ceramic industry are forced to manage....

Predictive Maintenance of networks and plants

Losses Forecast

Reports of losses by third parties. This is the problem that many companies in the Utility branch can find on their energy distribution networks....

ESCo (Energy Service Company) data driven

We are a certified ESCo (UNI CEI 11352) and we provide Energy Management Services, with an innovative approach, based on data analysis and artificial intelligence

Energy Audit

Energy Monitoring

Management of BEMS for Big companies

Compressed-air Audit

Energy Manager in Outsourcing

Platform for the control of the energetic billing

ISO 50001 Energy management system

Baseline for the intervention evaluation


BEMS e regolazione di sistemi HVAC nella GDO

-10% consumi energetici senza modificare gli asset

Più del 30 % dei consumi energetici in ambito GDO spesso è imputabile ai sistemi di condizionamento e comfort termico (HVAC «heating,...

Energy Consumptions under control with the Energy Audit

Identifying saving opportunities

The energy audit is a useful tool to allow you to know the energy flows involved in the processing of your production cycle. The higher the overall...

The Energy Monitoring

The control over electrict energy

In order to control and reduce energy consumption, a careful analysis of consumption is necessary. This also to understand on which problems...

Environment Advisory

Life Cycle Assessment

Carbon Offset

Advisory ETS (Emission Trading Scheme)

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