The Energy Monitoring

In order to control and reduce energy consumption, a careful analysis of consumption is necessary. This also to understand on which problems it would be appropriate to intervene. Anomalies, losses and malfunctions are crucial elements to keep under control. The answer to all these needs can be found in the energy monitoring system. Gamma Pack Spa has implemented our energy monitoring system for the management of the electric utilities.


Gamma Pack Spa


  1. Starting a monitoring campaign for the measurement and processing of ordinary consumption
  2. Quantifing the electrical energy used in a timely manner
  3. Optimizing electric utilities settings


Installation of a monitoring instrument equipped with advanced hardware architecture, to read and record the profiles of the cost centers of the electric utilities. The added value of monitoring consists of anomaly detection, the identification of anomalous cost centers for the formulation of optimized management models based on the measurements detected. Added to this was an advanced program for optimizing adjustments.


From the analysis of the absorption profiles of the electrical users registered by the monitoring tool, it was possible to identify the appropriate optimization solutions to improve the automatic management of the users. These data and the results achieved are analyzed on the Vilfredo® portal.