International Summer School on Artificial Intelligence: AI-DLDA 2018

The first edition of AI-DLDA 2018, the International Summer School on Artificial Intelligence, is taking place in the framework of the historical center of Udine. 

Being surrounded by graduate students and young professionals takes me back to when I was a university student: notions filling my mind, ideas of future application and a strong desire to implement all the new theories concerning A.I. 


People, movements, tweets

On the first day Professor Cristianino from Bristol University shows us how new technologies can open up the borders of the study of human sciences –  from the real-time tweets to the digitalization of a whole historical archive. On the same day we are given a lecture about tracking people inside videos, which is to follow the movements of a person in various frames, even though there are obstacles covering his or her image. Here we study different models in order to understand the actual functioning. The last workshop of the day shows us, instead, the new achievements in the field of robotics. 

New discussions concerning AI take place in the evening with university classmates in front of a good glass of Friulian wine. 


IoT, robot and AImage

During the second day we discover the latest changes in the industrial processes in the IoT field. With many example coming from his first-hand experience, Professor Sortino from the University of Udine provides us with his ideas on possible applications. We then go back to the world of robotics led by Professor L. Wyatt, head of one of the leading research based in Birmingham. 


artificial intelligence - summer school 2018
IoT lesson with the professor Sortino of the University of Udine


In the evening it’s time to work on the code, focusing on the status of the deep learning libraries and their way of analyzing images and videos. Researchers of the AImage Lab of the University of Modena show us their results in the forecast of the attention of the human eye in a driving contest: a core topic since self-driving is rapidly coming into reality. 


international summer school on artificial intelligence 2018
These the results and the map of the attention of the human eye – AImage Lab @ AI DLDA 2018, Udine


Models, learning, competition

On the next day we analyze likely one of the core issues faced in the research field: how do we transfer the knowledge acquired from one model to another? Is there a chance for a computer to recreate our learning process? Tatiana Tommasi, a pioneer in this field, shows us the possible approaches studied up to now, giving us the feeling of being part of this great process of innovation. Then, in the afternoon we put into practice one of the algorithms studied in the morning, helped by the Professor Martinel of the University of Udine. By setting up a competition between neural networks we are able to transfer the knowledge of one algorithm broadening its scope to new data. 


Human behaviour and feelings 

In the morning of the fourth and last day we start with a beautiful lecture held by Bruno Lepri, Head of the Mobile and Social computing lab in Trento. Lepri explains how to forecast the human behaviour by tracking people’s data left behind everyday – social feeds, the way of walking, the approach to the outside world and the interaction with others. The Summer School ends with an interesting workshop involving the applications of Natural Language Processing, especially focusing on the understanding of the feeling expressed in a given text. 


Thanks to this unique 4-day immersion in the new frontiers of AI, I am now ready to share all the things I’ve learned, with my colleagues in the company. 


artificial intelligence
Energy Way @ AI DLDA 2018, Udine