Supervised Scheduler

In a production plant, characterized by several plants and machines, the production planning is a fundamental objective to achieve. In order to create and/or assemble a specific product, with a specific weight and shape, in a time “x” suitable for the customer’s needs, you have to program the most efficient machine and sort the others according to this scheduling. Following the optimal sequence, thus, allows to regulate the machine park at the most performing level and to save resources (time, energy and money).

Supervised Scheduler in Action


  • Efficiently regulate energy consumptions
  • Minimize the production time
  • Optimize the production chain
  • Reach accurate sales estimates


Implementation of predictive scheduling algorithms able to: learn the functioning of the molding presses, forecast and then plan these operations in an optimal sequence, according to the requested quantity of product (setpoint).


Saved around the 15% of the time used for the management of the molding presses. Furthermore, thanks to the fine tuning of the systems, energy consumptions also decreased by 10%.